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Ready to bring your annual report into the future?

Our Custom Annual Report Process

From first contact to launch in an average of two weeks.
Step 1.
Submit annual report customization form.
Step 2.
Schedule a brainstorming and workflow session.
Step 3.
Gather content such as imagery, copy, financials, and other brand assets.
Step 4.
Create, produce, and review your custom annual report.
Step 5.
Launch annual report with optional accompanying social media marketing campaign.

Annual Report Conversion

Starting at $1,000!
Did your organization already produce a static annual report in PDF or another format but would like to have a digital version? Our expert developers will convert your report from static to dynamically beautiful within 5 days!
Step 1.
Submit completed annual report in PDF or InDesign format.
Step 2.
Magic Happens.

Step 3.
Fully interactive digital annual report is completed and delivered! Other integrations optional (see features below).
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"Many nonprofits are realizing that it’s time to remake the traditional annual report into something that works better for today – a communications piece that’s shorter, more personal, and more timely for readers, while also taking less work to produce. These online reports can either supplement or entirely replace print reports, depending on how the report fits into your larger donor communications strategy."
Kivi Leroux Miller,
Founder and CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide and award-winning author.

Impact driven services to suit your reporting needs.

Donation Capability

Drive donations through your annual report with on-page donation capabilities integrated into the design seamlessly.


What's the purpose of producing a report if you can't track how well it's doing? Our reports have analytics integrated so you can track the engagement of your report in real time.

Accompanying PDF

Still need a PDF? We've got you. We'll produce a carbon copy of your digital annual report in PDF format that will be downloadable on your digital report.

Printed Report

Still need to print your report? We've got you there too. We're experts in printed report design and partnered with affordable environmentally friendly printers.

Newsletter Integration

Drive new subscribers with newsletter sign-ups throughout your digital report.

Interactive Data

The best way for your stakeholders to view your impact and financials are through our custom interactive charts, graphs, and maps. Designed with your brand in mind.

Annual Report Video

Not looking for a robust annual report but want something a bit more visual? Our in-house production team will produce a visually stunning 2-3 minute video showcasing your impact.

One Page Annual Report

Are you a smaller organization or just want to keep things short and sweet? This is the best choice. A one page digital annual report that covers the important stories of the year.

Social Media Collateral

Custom designed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter banners, profile images, shared posts, videos, and more. Catered to your annual report and perfect for a launch strategy.

Modernize your annual report
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