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Why Digital Annual Reports?

If your annual report is simply slapped together as a statement of facts, you are losing a huge opportunity to bolster your brand, engage your stakeholders, and drive impact.


Engage your donors, community, and customers at a more immersive and personal level and track your reports impact with analytics.


Viewable and interactive from any device. No more making your followers search for and read a bulky PDF.


The next generations are born digital. The landscape is evolving and so must your mission if you want to reach them.


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"Think of your annual report as a once-a-year golden opportunity to deeply connect with your customers’ (i.e., donors’) feelings, dreams, aspirations, hidden and sometimes even embarrassing needs — like the need to be liked; or the need to do something good in the world, a need as common as the air in our lungs."
Tom Ahern,
New York Time's best selling Author and award winning
leading authority on donor communications.

For Non-Profits

You should liken your annual report to a report card. You expect your children to come home from school with something to show for all their time -- proof they have done something, and well. So it’s not unusual that a donor -- or prospective donor -- would want proof of what you accomplished, too.
  • Educate and encourage donors.
  • Create awareness and partnerships.
  • Prove proper stewardship.
  • Drive engagement and donations.

For Bcorps & Benefit Corporations

All benefit corporations & Bcorps must publish a public report of overall social and environmental performance assessed against a third party standard. Our reports cover that and then some.
  • Exemplify social and environmental performance.
  • Engage and attract potential cause driven employees.
  • Separate yourself from the competition through a socially focused narrative.

For Conscious Companies

Your annual report is more than a legal requirement. It’s an opportunity to be transparent about your financial health and make a bold statement about your brand. It’s also an opportunity to engage with many different audiences, including:
  • Stakeholders/shareholders.
  • Employees & potential employees.
  • Industry colleagues and competitors.
  • General public.
You're more than your profit margins.

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